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In October 2012 Viventura ran a contest to select one lucky blogger to travel with the Viventura team to Costa Rica and spend a month relaxing amidst the beaches, volcanoes and rainforest. Our winner was Bianca Bauza, who wrote about our contest on her blog Here’s what she had to say about her time in Costa Rica.

“After a few days of intense networking and schmoozing in London during World Travel Market, I found myself back in the humid heat of Central America on my way to the beautiful Hotel Casa Luna, located near the majestic Arenal volcano. As soon as I stepped out of the airport, I realized the contrast between these places couldn’t have been greater; I went from the crowded and busy streets of one of the biggest capital cities in the world to a place where nature rules, where there are exotic flowers everywhere you look, and you wake up to the sound of birds. I admit I felt displaced at the beginning; I was overwhelmed by the jet-lag, the post-conference buzz, and the drastic change in my surroundings. Not to mention the fact that I was the only stranger among a big group of people, some of whom had known each other for many, many years. Needless to say, I found it all a little bit intimidating upon my arrival.


Blogging from Costa Rica

Fortunately, during my travels I’ve learned to let go of my innate shyness and adapt to other people’s flow. Plus, the process was made much easier by the mellow nature of the Viventura team. It was soon clear to me that these guys aren’t just colleagues, but also good friends. As the days passed, I chatted and laughed with every member of the group and got to know them on a more personal level. By the end of the adventure, I’d made new friends, and I’m sure that I will see them again sometime in the future.

In Costa Rica, our days were marked by quite a bit of rain; but I guess that should be expected in the rainforest, right? Besides, that’s what makes the natural environment there so green, exuberant and rich. At the same time, I found it made it easier for me to concentrate on getting things done and I learned to appreciate rainy s and n0t feel so guilty working in front of my computer. Plus I wasn’t alone in my obsession; it was encouraging to see the Viventura team working hard on their strategy and objectives for the coming year. And after hard working days, it was also nice to decompress in the hot springs or relax with a cold Imperial, one of the local beers.

Of course, my time in Costa Rica wasn’t all about work, I had plenty of opportunity to explore and get to know the local culture. I did a lot of cycling, hiked around the Arenal volcano and enjoyed photographing the exotic flowers and animals that I found along the way.  I got my adrenaline fix white water rafting, canyoning and zip-lining. One weekend, we went to Tamarindo, one of the towns in the Pacific coast; there we enjoyed a bit of sunshine, swam in the sea and got a little taste of the nightlife.

Rappel in one of the waterfalls around La Fortuna (Costa Rica)

Costa Rica flora and fauna

Viventura Team exploring Costa Rica

Waterfall around La Fortuna (Costa Rica)

Biodiversity in Costa Rica

My time in Costa Rica was made memorable by all the great people I met and the scenic places I saw; I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome back to the Latin American lifestyle. Once again, my path has taken an unexpected turn and brought me back to my roots. Stay tuned :)”

Bianca is now the main travel blogger for She maintains her own blog at

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