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  • Marketing Globetrotters Tour in Lima, Peru
  • Marketing Globetrotters
  • South America Packing List and Tips
  • 7 Must-See Movie Locations in South America
  • Chachapoyas, Warriors of the Clouds
  • The Celebration of San Jeronimo in Cusco
  • Corpus of Almudena – celebrating the Virgen de la Almudena in Cusco
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Movie “Gringo Trails”: Are travelers destroying the planet – or saving it?
November 24th, 2014south america 0 Comments

From the Bolivian jungle to the party beaches of Thailand, and from the deserts of Timbuktu to the breathtaking beauty of Bhutan: Gringo Trails shows the unanticipated impact of tourism on cultures, economies, and the environment, tracing some stories over 30 years. Join members and other responsible travel-operators and -aficionados in the screening of Gringo Trails in […]

November 12th, 2014Peru 0 Comments

It may not be as not as well-known as other other Peruvian cities like Lima and Cuzco, but as near as I can tell, Arequipa’s almost 1,000,000 inhabitants seem to be perfectly happy keeping the city’s substantial charms to themselves. Nicknamed the “white city”, Peru’s second largest city takes its international obscurity in stride by […]

Marketing Globetrotters Tour in Lima, Peru

It was one of those strange twists of fate, and being open to opportunity, that finds me halfway across the world in the lobby of the Sonesta Hotel in Lima, Peru as part of a program called Marketing Globetrotters. Marketing Globetrotters is the brainchild of Yngrid Arnold, CMO of Viventura Travel, a socially responsible tour […]

El Superclásico – The Biggest Rivalry in Argentine Football

As I watched 11 red and white shirts wage war against 11 blue and yellow shirts in unplayable conditions in front of 74,000 screaming fans late into Sunday night I knew, I had to write my first article about football. Actually let me rephrase that, because describing this rivalry as just football would be an understatement of […]

Marketing Globetrotters

Love travel? Love marketing? Looking to experience something life-changingly cool? We’ve got something we’re sure you’ll love. What is the Marketing Globetrotters Contest? Viventura are offering the incredible opportunity to travel around South America with marketing legend, rap hero and all-round awesome human being, Mike King. You’ll traverse the jungles, shake to salsa, laze on […]

South America Packing List and Tips

When preparing to travel in South America, packing can be a daunting experience. Depending on the travel route and style, one might need to prepare for enjoying the nightlife in cosmopolitan cities, lounging in beaches, exploring pre-Hispanic ruins, trekking through the rain forest or on high altitude trails; just to name a few of the […]

7 Must-See Movie Locations in South America

South America is a continent of extreme diversity when it comes to landscapes and cultures. From cosmopolitan cities to virgin jungle, from vast deserts to charming colonial towns, there is much to offer when it comes to movie locations. It is no wonder then that it has inspired and attracted many film directors to come […]

The Treasures of Southern Colombia

Most people who travel to Colombia, only get as far south as Cali, the capital of salsa dancing. But for those who like to venture beyond the beaten path, southern Colombia has much more to offer: from an amazing basilica, to gorgeous colonial towns, to one of the country’s most important archaeological sites. If you’re […]

Top 6 Things To Do In Quito

Standing high at 2800 meters above sea level and resting on the slopes of the Pichincha volcano, Quito is Ecuador’s capital and its second most populous city — after Guayaquil. Given its centric location, Quito is an ideal base for those traveling to Ecuador. If you are staying around for a few days, these are […]

Chachapoyas, Warriors of the Clouds
January 14th, 2014Peru 0 Comments

The history of the Chachapoya culture seems to have been influenced by their environment and its climate. They used to inhabit the cloud forests of the Amazon region in northern Peru. The center of this legendary culture was the basin of the Utcubamba river. Due to the geographic characteristics of the area, this region remained […]

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