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viSocial | viventura social foundation

viSocial is a non profit foundation founded and supported by viventura. $30 of every tour that is booked with viventura is donated to this foundation and their causes.
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Leave no Trace | Outdoor Ethics

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics teaches people how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly.
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viventura  Ligia Robison
Ligia Robison
viventura  viTeam in Berlin What Does Our Name Mean?
Viventura is a derivative of 4 ideas:
  • vive (to live)
  • aventura (adventure)
  • event (event)
  • tour (tour)
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Viventura is a team of professionals with one thing in common: a passion for South America. Get to know the team, from the person that answers the phone, to our colleagues researching, to the owners, we look forward to meeting you. To Team
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