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Viventura is a professional tour operator. Thanks to our team we can make sure, that you get the most out of South America.

Alejandro Monges | Messi and mate fan

Enjoys playing football in the parks through the city of Berlin as well as drinking some mates, so he doesn´t forget the pampas where Alejandro grow up. Originary from Buenos Aires but since 2004 lives in Berlin, after studying and some work experiences he supports viventura in the finance area. Since almost one year he became father of two beautiful girls, the twins Clara and Elena, who although sleepless nights also give him a lot of happiness.

Carlos Arias | Wanted to be a professional soccer player when he

A Colombian who enjoys a passion for travel and to learn about new cultures. He studied for a Masters MBA as an Industrial Engineer in Madrid, Spain. Four years he chanced into the tourism sector. He is passionate about travel and has learned a great deal since then. He is responsible for the logistics of travel in Colombia. He is a soccer fan, cheerful by nature and he never stops laughing.

Gustavo Cataño | IT geek with joy of life

He loves the world of software. Long before he finished his studies as a system engineer, he had participated in various software projects in relation to process automatization in web environments. He has also been an occasional lecturer at Antioquia University. He likes sports and enjoys going to rock concerts. He spends much of his free time with his girlfriend and family.

Mariel Arroyo | Fan of carnival and numbers

Mariel arrived to Berlin in 2011 by following her heart. She shortly found some South American warmth in Viventura and it became her home. She was born in La Paz Bolivia, and grew up surrounded by the beautiful snowy mountains which she misses dearly. She is an economist and loves working with numbers. As any true Bolivian, she loves spicy food, dancing, and enjoying the Oruro Carnival. She loves art, meeting new people, making new friends and traveling.

Odalis Richiez | A Passion for Numbers and Continuous Improvement

Odalis is an independent contractor of viventura USA and supports the business administration and accounting from Tampa, Florida. She is originally from the tropical island of Dominican Republic but has lived in USA for 14 years. Odalis is a graduate of The University of Memphis where she studied Accounting. She likes math and numbers and loves turning data into meaningful information. She enjoys music, salsa dancing, Italian food and having fun with friends and family.

Sébastien Donné | Nadal fan

Sebastian lived in Colombia for six years. Charmed by the friendliness of the Colombians, he also likes to go new places off the beaten track. He is the living proof of the realness behind the sentence: "From South America the only risk is wanting to stay or return . . ." Since 2013 he is Project Manager for Viventura.

Yngrid Arnold | our Creative & Multi-talented Online Marketing Gur

Since the beginning of 2012, Yngrid has been in charge of Viventura's marketing branch. The native Arequipenian is a very positive and happy person, as well as very passionate about the arts, culture and new technologies. Yngrid has been around since the beginning of Viventura. She has worked as a tour guide during her studies and was responsible Viventura's tour organization in Peru. After four eventful years at Viventura, Yngrid took a break and traveled through Australia and Europe. During this time she specialized in online marketing, her second passion besides traveling.
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Viventura is a derivative of 4 ideas:
  • vive (to live)
  • aventura (adventure)
  • event (event)
  • tour (tour)
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