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Your first contact with Viventura will be one of our Travel Specialists. They are your main contact before and after the tour. They have traveled through South America and are experts on their respective country.

Blake | Culture Food & Trekking

Instilled with wanderlust at an early age, Blake spent much of his life traveling the globe in search of stunning landscapes, adventure and the perfect empanada. Landing in South America in the 1990s, Blake found his milieu: spectacular and diverse scenery; a mix of exotic and ancient cultures; unique adventure opportunities, and, of course, the perfect empanada. Since his first visit, Blake has traveled to almost every part of South America, and lived and worked for several years in Argentina. In his free time Blake pursues his passion of traveling, trekking /mountaineering and trying his hand at recreating his favorite regional recipes.

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Blake Lieberman
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Viventura is a derivative of 4 ideas:
  • vive (to live)
  • aventura (adventure)
  • event (event)
  • tour (tour)
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